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A distant night of 1223 St. Francis of Assisi wanted to represent the birth of Baby Jesus proposing to the faithful gathered to listen to his Word, the scene of the cave of Bethlehem, in a small church of Greccio.
It was the first living nativity scene and the tradition has been repeated in the coming centuries to the present day.
Since then they have followed over the years representations of the birth of Our Lord be with people (live nativity scene) is using statues and drawings (Christmas cribs).
Our work has been consolidated in this. Using statues, sometimes even mechanized, high artistic expression, manufacturing almost Italian, attentive to the slightest facial expression and body of the protagonists, it has come to build the cribs of strong emotional impact, and not just cribs, but also the Passion of Our Lord and the entire life of Jesus as you can see by scrolling through our photo gallery.

Since then buildings made completely by hand, each one has its own identity and so no two are a like.
Our tradition in building works of art of this kind arises first of all from a strong Religious Creed and then a twenty-year passion of this team of artists for everything related to the sacred representation of Jesus.
Hence the idea of ​​representing the nativity scene in a “box” small or large resealable and takes up little space the result that any family will be able to have in the house a representation of the Nativity of Our Lord.
Our passion for the sacred representation is also expressed by the building of a really special that is the Passion of Our Lord represented precisely sets with hand crafted by hand and accompanied by statues in resin strong visual impact. (See photos in our Photo gallery).