The Cribs in box

All our cribs are built in the handicraft, attentive to every detail of expression, particular care and taking into account the historical period to which they refer.

The cribs are made in large box with wooden casing in two colors: white lacquered and polished walnut.

You open the box, as you can see in the pictures and, by a little switch you can turn on the lights that are intermittently (day and night), you will hear the notes of Christmas gift and everything takes on a magical atmosphere around ..

They are suitable for any environment, they are very beautiful and something to be reckoned, very practical, because once finished the Christmas period are closed again and storing it in a corner, away even from the dust.

The cribs in small box (cribs crescent) are better suited to smaller environments and collected, even with their lights, statues made of small, but no less expressive; create the magical atmosphere of Christmas even without filling the room with decorations.

Both small nativity cribs that large could become a special gift to family and friends …. a gift that can truly last a lifetime!

We also produce custom-made Christmas cribs with all the statues in motion, automated systems for the lights (effect day and night), passage of the Comet, stream etc ..

These are real works of art; cribs are constructed with extreme patience and a lot of creativity but not losing sight of the sacred aspect of the Nativity of Our Lord.

In this site you will find pictures that represent just glimpses of cribs manufactured by us.

These cribs have different sizes, some of them of considerable size.

We also produce artistic cribs for shop windows.

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