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Our Cultural Association “Sacred Images” with headquarters in Borgoricco (PD), Italy, has as its main purpose, through exhibitions and events, the popularization of crib art.
Francesco Bonvissuto, the creator of these works of art that you will see and appreciate on this web site, has gone beyond the simple nativity scene; has created a truly unique work, one of a kind in the Italian panorama, “The Life of Jesus in Dioramas”. Each diorama was built by hand, using various materials (plaster, wood, polystyrene, etc.); with skill and mastery Francesco has been able to place in each of them resin statues of strong visual impact. With a play of light and perspectives, the visitor becomes a participant himself of the scenes depicted in them. (See Jesus’ Life page).

We are available for any exhibition of artistic nativity scenes, the Via Crucis and the entire life of Jesus, the work that is certainly the most requested and admired.

Our exhibition entitled “Jesus: The life. Dioramas from the Gospel” will be held at the La Maddalena Church in Venice from 3rd December 2022.

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