Jesus’ life

The life of Jesus was born from an idea of ​​Francesco Bonvissuto, a craftsman of Sicilian origin; currently it is composed of 28 dioramas depicting the salient episodes of the Life of Christ. Each diorama is built by hand using various materials (plaster, polystyrene, wood, etc.) trying to faithfully reproduce the landscape and the setting of the era in which the facts took place.

Using Pigini brand’s highly expressive statues, we managed to create, through the skilled and skilled hands of Francesco Bonvissuto, a historical-religious journey on the life of Jesus Christ.

With a play of lights and perspectives, strong points of the dioramas of Francesco, the visitor is led to become himself a silent actor of the scene, perceiving disturbances and emotions of the protagonists.

Each diorama is accompanied by a caption of the passage of the Gospel represented (in Italian, in English and in italian Braille). The braille characters were translated by Alfonso Fusco.

One of the many peculiarities, in fact, of this exhibition is that it can also be visited by blind people who are given the opportunity to touch statues and details of the diorama, which is not covered by glass.  …. Moreover, Francesco, almost always present in the exhibitions, lends himself very willingly to guide you along the way.

The whole life of Jesus has been exposed in various places of worship and not only (see page Events), visited by tens of thousands of people, faithful or not, but all with a unanimous thought; it is a path that invites reflection and meditation.

Unique work in Italy. Other dioramas are under construction, so it will be even more complete and suggestive.

It is possible to purchase a photographic booklet explaining the exhibition reproduced up to now. Call us at our numbers or send us an e-mail or Amazon.

All the work is currently exhibited at the Maddalena Church  in Venice – Sestiere Cannaregio

For any information on this see our page EVENTS and for journalistic articles, other videos, interviews, visit also the page ABOUT US ….

2 thoughts on “Jesus’ life

  1. I visited the diorama exhibition at Maddalena Church with my daughter in early July 2023. We are from Australia. I was “blown away” by the intricate, meticulous work of the craftsman, Francesco Bonvissuto. It was very special to have him present at his exhibition and especially to have the opportunity to meet him as we exited the church. He was very warm and engaging.
    I do feel a visceral connection to Italy, my late father having been born in the Friuli region of Italy. I hope to return.

    • Thank you so much!
      Sorry, I read your message now.
      I hope you and your daughter are well and I hope to meet you again!
      Thank you for your lovely message!

      Francesco Bonvissuto.

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